About Book Reviews

If you are someone who has written a book and would like to have it reviewed here on this blog, feel free to contact me and send me a copy. I will say, however, I am not obligated to review and will turn down certain books. My reason for saying “no” is mostly because of genre. If you give me a book to review and it’s not a genre I read, or I am not well-versed in, I will turn it down. I want to give fair and honest reviews, and I feel that trying to attempt to read everything wouldn’t allow me to do that. So, take a look at list below, to give you an idea if I can review it or not.

Will Read: Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Historical Fiction, Soft Sci-Fi (examples: The Matrix, Orphan Black, Overwatch, Guardians of the Galaxy), LGBT Romance, Poetry, most YA Fiction

Hard Sells: Contemporary Adult Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, Post Apocalyptic Fiction, Western

Will Not Read: Contemporary YA Fiction, War, Hard Sci-Fi (examples: Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Dune), Heterosexual Romance, Dystopia, Anything that deals with zombies (unless it’s by Isaac Marion).

If I failed to mention a genre, feel free to ask me about it. Also, I will review Classics and Non Fiction, but those are totally my choice.