My name is D.J. I’m a thirty-four-year-old woman living in Kentucky (armpit of the world), in the U.S., with her family. I’m a writer, specializing in fantasy, LGBT romance, and historical fiction. I haven’t yet published, but I hope to remedy that.

I am a lesbian (or gay with a vengeance), a Pagan, and I am currently living with endometrial cancer, fibromyalgia, severe depression, and anxiety. I am a self-described feminist, a lifelong liberal, and an animal lover. I am a “plain clothes goth,” who continues to really love vampires. I am a gamer, though I’m terrible at video games. I love comics and media that would have the word “cult” in front of it. I love to read, try different things, and do the occasional bit of baking. History is a re-discovered passion of mine. Adult coloring books are my new found Kryptonite.

About this blog, it’s very much a personal blog. Here, I’ll share my thoughts on different things and my progress with my writing projects. Also, I will review books and video games. My blog is a very eclectic mix.